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Piwoot is a cloud-based solution that helps organisations manage projects, programs and operations in an efficient way. It provides features for collecting, storing and analyzing data. Piwoot also offers professional service that enables you smooth, painless operations right from the beginning. 

Data Import

Data can be imported from multiple sources, including excel files.


Piwoot dashboard is a powerful information management tool that displays, analyses and interprets the data to monitor the performance of your project in real time.


Communicate with your team and discuss current data flows.

The electronic platform supplied by Piwoot offers a technical implementation. The platform is a complete solution that provides automation for all the steps of further data processing and cleaning that were previously done manually. All data processed, including reports generated by contractors and suppliers, are delivered directly to the platform.

With Piwoot, you lead with knowledge and it is based on an understanding of the nature and meaning of data like in this Länsimetro case.

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Did You Know?

Data-driven leadership

In conventional world - different stakeholders communicate through the project manager who then decides where the information flows and in which form. This is similar thinking that was in the old days in phone centers. Not really effective, right?

Now You Know -strategy

Information should be shared. In Now You Know strategy all the parties, for example contractors, engineers, manufacturers and the management share the data and communicate through the same platform. Status sharing could be thought of as sending postcards - there are nice pictures on the other side of the card and a story on the other side of the card on what is going on. The same analogy applies to Piwoot - The data is crunched into charts and interpretations are attached. This way possible bottle necks and conflicts are found and shared to right people and the the whole organisation can concentrate on solving those bottle necks and conflicts. 

Sharing information

Everyone in the loop

  • the management needs high level information of all the processes - to make sure they are aligned

  • the engineer needs information from the management - what does the owner want to be designed

  • the manufacturer needs information of the equipment

  • contractor needs delivery dates. (well, actually everyone needs delivery dates)

With Piwoot they can all optimize their needs into one single, coherent plan - where they can deliver the needed deliverables in right place in the right time. 

It’s all about people

We also know - people are good at what they do, but not as good in explaining it to others. Especially on what sharing the information to others actually needs. This means that people are using shotgun tactics - throwing a lot of paint on the wall and  hoping that some of it will stay on the wall. This leads to information overflow and endless processing of information. This on the other hand creates not only a cost of processing but possibly “broken phone” problems, misunderstanding and generally distrust within  the whole project.  How many times you have acted as the detective - trying to gather information to understand what is really going on? With our system you don’t have to because:

Now You Know


Information Owners 

  • copy-pastes information from different sources

  • the copy-pasted information is too-detailed and hard-to-read

  • there is no real inter-team collaboration

Information Readers 

  • receive a ton of detailed information from everywhere

  • not able to understand the real statuses

  • can’t really help the team the right way


Information Owners 

  • data is real-time and in the right format

  • analyse and interpret the data for others to understand the status

  • they receive ideas back from wide number of readers

Information Readers 

  • receive easily readable information

  • the statuses are understandable

  • figures out new ideas and shares them

Piwoot essential features

Piwoot comes packed with nice features such as
  Data collection

In its simplest way Piwoot is a tool to migrate a manual excel-based reporting into real-time, automatic and transparent data collection and sharing platform. For example teams are uploading their weekly excels to Piwoot, Piwoot validates the data with rule sets, and the data is shared in right format to right people.Full-scale data collection and sharing includes data collection via APIs, more sophisticated data validation and customized sharing to different channels.


Piwoot dashboards can be used to gather different types of views of your project: executive summaries, KPI metrics, deep down details, what ever your needs might be. With dashboards you can share report sets  to certain user groups so that everybody receives the required information; for example financial summaries to everybody and a subproject’s details only to the subproject’s team. 


Piwoot Reports are the heart of the data crunching of Piwoot. There are numerous  types of different visual presentation charts to present your data. Reports can be given access rights to limit the access to teams, roles, individual users and systems accessing the data via Piwoot API. 


With Piwoot you don’t only share the charts but also interpretations. This means Piwoot  encourages Information Owners to think about the readers, what they need and what meaningful information does the data have. Information Owner is the one who deep dives into the data, analyses the data, summarises the data, interprets the data, and makes the Interpreted Information available. This way only one person is spending time generating the Interpreted Information and others can quickly browse through the Interpreted Information. Thus the organisation has more time on collaboration. 


Typically the reports are somewhere and the discussion happens in emails. Thus the data and discussion is disconnected. With Piwoot you can add interpretations but also comments on reports. Thus collaboration is available for everybody and everybody knows both the data and the meaning of the data.

Why I wasn’t informed about this!?

We believe that people are smart and they are proud of what they are doing. People are also interested in what others are working on in the organisation. In organisations where information flows freely and everybody is in the loop, people and ideas are “colliding” more often. And that’s when organisations overplay their competition. So, sharing is crucial, that’s the fact that we all know.

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Piwoot is a cloud-based solution that helps organisations manage projects, programs and operations in an efficient way. It provides features for collecting, storing and analyzing data.

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Piwoot was founded 2017 after a group of people were working in several projects and facing the same and repetitive problems in managing projects. Projects had smart team members who were absolute experts in their own field, but still sharing the overall status of the projects was just an impossible task to achieve. Back then we started to investigate existing solutions, but ended up with a conclusion that every ‘good enough’ tool is already too expensive for us. As we were a team of Software Developers, Project Managers, and DevOps experts we decided to look into available software libraries and see if we can build something great with our own work.
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