Case studies

Building safer work

Safety at work is of utmost importance within construction, manufacturing and other business areas where a lot of people use different kinds of machinery in risky environments. When the environment and work itself include a risk for injuries a culture of approval for these hazardous circumstances has become a reality.

However, it does not need to be so and most organisations within these fields of work are striving for better. The will to change the current situation exists and the tools to fix the issue are many.

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The digital platform supplied by Piwoot offers a technical implementation. The platform is a complete solution that provides automation for all the steps of further data processing and cleaning that were previously done manually. All data processed, including reports generated by contractors and suppliers, are delivered directly to the platform.

With Piwoot, you lead with knowledge and it is based on an understanding of the nature and meaning of data like in this Länsimetro case.

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WeAre Solutions

WeAre Solutions is a small but growing digital service company. Their values include information transparency. The realisation of transparency was jeopardised when the company grew and information started to compartmentalise. Piwoot provided them with a growth-company-scaled version of Situation room with which transparency is guaranteed on all company levels.

Piwoot can be scaled up and down for whatever need a customer has. WeAre Solutions has a revenue of below 3 M€, meaning Piwoot can tackle any sized business and problems with the platform.

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